Saturday, December 25, 2010

DPM issue 14

Funkt Up Illustration

Salo Feature

Had the opportunity to do a few small illustrations for Dead Point Magazine issue 14. Unfortunately I do not have the files for the straight up art work at the moment. I will plan to post those at a later time. For now I am using the actual pages from the magazine which can also be viewed by following this link:

Both features were fun to work on. One of them was about a climber that falls on a poodle killing it instantly. Which made for a challenge , since we did not want to make this to harsh of an image. So I tried to keep it as light hearted as possible as most of us know how hard it is to lose a pet..

The second one was to accompany an interview with Andy Salo. This was fun to work on since I have always enjoyed the comic book character Wolverine.The illustration is the small image used in the newspaper layout. The photo of Andy as well as the other photos in the feature were taken by Tomas Donoso.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Rock and Ice Issue 191

Chipping Controversy
Watercolor and Digital

This is the image I came up with in order to accompany an article in Rock and Ice issue 191. In this article , the author Bill Ramsey, offers some very good insight to the various contradictions surrounding the topic of chipping holds in order to create rock climbs. Manufacturing holds is a very controversial topic and can be looked at in a lot of different ways and from many ethical standpoints, this article touches down on a lot of them. In my eyes it is a very murky subject , one that can conjure up deep dark feelings on sides both for and against.
Anyhow here is the image. Go and pick up a copy of the magazine if you want to make sense of what it is I am rambling on about here!