Thursday, January 31, 2013

Shark Stanley Art

Shark Stanley Cutout

Stanley and friends going on a journey

The  Dreadful Degraded Reef

Pierre Le Porbeagle in Trouble

Happy Turtles

The paintings in this post are taken from the pages of a recently launched children's book titled " Shark Stanley and friends". This  book along with the four shark character cutouts that I created are part of a  campaign to raise awareness about endangered sharks and rays, as well as to provide sanctuaries for them.  Shark Stanley and Friends is now offered as a free PDF download and hard copies will be made available after Feb 7th. I will follow up with some information as soon as I have it to where you can go about getting a copy of the book.

For now here are the links to download the free PDF version:

To learn more about Shark Stanley and Friends have a look at these following links: