Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hartford MFA

I have been lucky enough to be a part of the University of Hartford's  MFA in Illustration, which began this past july and will continue to July 2009.  Murray and Carol Tinkleman are the amazing people in charge of the program , and I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking an MFA in illustration. My plan for this Blog is to catalogue my work as I continue to create it during my time in this wonderful program. 
Recently our MFA group had a contact period in Fort Worth Texas.
While in Texas we were lucky enough to have the pleasure of having  many great Illustrators speak to our group. We were able to meet Jack Unruh, Don Ivan Punchatz,  Jose Cruz, and Bart Forbes to name a few.
During this trip  and while under the guidance of my great peers(whom are all amazing illustrators), Greg NewBold, Ron Mazellan, Ron Spears, Chuck Primo, and my Thesis Advisor Doug Anderson I was able to pin down what it was that I will plan to tackle over the next year as my thesis project. The project will consist of 6 to 8 large panels all dealing with ones' search to find paradise in life. In my case the paintings will be composed of images of the many places I have been  in pursuit of my personal view of  paradise. 
I am sad to say I am yet to find it, but along the journey I have captured some great imagery that I am eager to share in my paintings.

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