Monday, October 12, 2009

From Colorado to Utah

The weather just didn't pan out!!!!

Snow and Ice in Emerald Lake

Pete Thizzin

Liv on Far Left El Jorge

Will on Golden Rows

Rob on The Aristocrat

The Tourist Stopping Elk of RMNP

 The high hopes in which I had to do a lot of climbing in Chaos Canyon were dampened a bit by the weather. With lots of rain, cold temps, and snow it seemed that we were resting a lot more than climbing. The snow seemed to hit early this year in Colorado, burying the boulders under a sheet of ice and snow. Good times for skiers, but bad times for climbers.  So we decided to bail, loaded up the truck and headed for sunny Joe's Valley Utah.
  Although things did not pan out the way we had hoped the visit to Colorado was still a lot of fun. It was great to spend some time in the mountains, see some old friends, and to climb on some of the boulder problems that  I had always wanted to try. 

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