Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rock and Ice Issue 189 Illustrations

Bush Pilot
Watercolor, 8"x8"

River Crossing
Watercolor, 8"x8"

Strappo vs. the Vultures
Watercolor, 9"x11"

Village Elder
Watercolor, 8"x8"

During my recent trip to Rocky Mountain National Park, I was contacted by Rock and Ice Magazine in order to see if I would be able to create four Illustrations to accompany an article in an upcoming issue. The article was about legendary climber, Roger" Strappo"Hughes, and his epic adventures climbing Venezuelan rock formations known as Tepuis . This was one of the most enjoyable assignments I have ever worked on, as the article was full of wild content to work with. Super thanks to Jeff Jackson, Andrew Bisharat, Duane Raleigh and the rest of the Rock and Ice staff!

So get out and and pick up a copy! Rock and Ice Magazine issue#189, should be found at most major bookstores, newstands, and online

To learn more about the author , Roger "Strappo" Hughes check out this video:


Greg Newbold said...

Cool stuff Dan- thanks for sharing! I always love your tweaked perspective on art and life. Keep up the good work!

DJYJR said...

Thanks Greg!
I can't thank you enough for all of the advice, encouragement, and knowledge you have shared with me over the years!!
Hope all is well!