Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Feats Smasher

Watercolor 5"x5"

The Feats of Strength poster featured in my last post was a combination of three traditional watercolor paintings composited within adobe photoshop. This is a technique I have been playing around with recently, and it allows for a lot of flexibility when producing the final image. In addition to the final poster I figured I would show the character paintings as stand alone images.


Greg Newbold said...

Dan, you might like Justin Gerrard's work- he paints in watercolor and then manipulates and paints more in Photoshop. Great results-check him out: http://justingerard.com/

DWHY said...

Wow! Thanks Greg! NOt only is his work amazing but the demo's that he shares on his blog are super informative. Thanks for sharing. Lets catch up soon.
- Dan