Monday, February 6, 2012

Lawson Wood

Lawson Wood is another one of the many great illustrators that I had not heard of until recently. While in graduate school and on a trip to California , my group had the pleasure of visiting the home of Jane Eisenstat( I posted some images and info in an earlier post titled: A Day at the Eisenstats.) The Eisenstats have an amazing collection of illustration , and among the incredible paintings that grace the walls of their home , was an original Lawson Wood watercolor.


David Cubberley said...

Here's something by Lawson Wood that's a little bit different in subject matter and technique. Thought you and the Eisenstadts might find it interesting:


David Cubberley

Marian said...

I have a lawson wood painting in a style similar to the frieze, a scene of an North
African bazaar.
I cannottfind any info on whether he went there and if he painted anything else on that theme.