Monday, June 8, 2009

Gunks Bouldering

Forbidden Forest from paul jung on Vimeo.

This saturday Phil Schaal and I headed up to New Paltz for a day of bouldering with our friend
Paul Jung. Paul has been heavily involved with a lot of the new  bouldering development in and around New Paltz, and possesses ninja like skills on the rock.  Paul was nice enough to show us around to some of the more remote sectors in the area and also film and edit a short video as well. Thanks Paul!!
Be sure to check out:
Its a blog for the climbing community in and around New York in which Paul and some other friends contribute to.
To check it just simply click on the link that is featured in the list of climbing related links on the right side of my blog!

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paul said...

thanks for the good words burg. is not my personal blog. it is a community blog of all of us in the NY area.
the possibilities are endless!