Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rock and Ice Paintings

A little while back my friend Tomas Donoso and I started working on a project/photo essay about Connecticut climbing, in which we wanted to try and pitch to a climbing related publication. At first we were not so sure in what direction we wanted it to go in, except for the fact that we wanted to try and do something fresh and unique. For a while we toyed with different ideas in which we talked over while we were out shooting photos of various boulder problems. Tomas eventually decided that it would be great if we could somehow link Connecticut Folklore with Climbing. This seemed to work especially because many of the blocs that we climb upon are situated in the woods in which much of Connecticuts Folklore originated.

Tomas shot some amazing photos of many boulder problems within Connecticut as well as some portraits of a few of the different climbers in the area that helped contribute to the piece. I created five watercolors to accompany these photos in which are seen within this post. The project was submitted to Rock and Ice Magazine and was accepted and printed. The staff at Rock and Ice did a great job with the layout in the magazine as well as the handling of the artwork and photography. Big thanks to everyone at Rock and Ice for accepting this piece and making it happen.

The issue of Rock and Ice Magazine with this feature is available now and can be found at most any major bookstore , climbing gym/retailer, and news stand. I urge everyone to go out and pick up a copy!

Chief Sassacus
Watercolor, 8.5"x11"

The Black Dog of the Hanging Hills

Jemima Wilkinson
Mixed, 11"x17"

The Leatherman
Waterclolr, 8.5"x11"

Dudley Town Curse
Watercolor, 8.5"x11"


Anonymous said...

yo man, good article bra, boulders look really siik, but whats up with that piece o shit "tresspassers will be shot" , i got a blok like that down the street from my crib, my dog shits under it.!!!!!

DWHY said...

Hey man,glad you like the article. I would agree that one boulder kind of sucks and I never climb there.
Although I think the photo is quite good.

DWHY said...

Oh and from what I understand that problem is not called" Trespassers Will Be Shot".. Not sure what the name is???
But I know some people are pretty upset about this mossy lip traverse being renamed.

Personally I could care less.

Thomas Gronbukt said...

Really nice watercolors Dan! Good for you.