Saturday, June 18, 2011

Traditional meets Digital

Monkey in T pose

three quater view

Rough Sculpt before texture and polypaint

rough sculpt2


Z Brush is a program that draws from all that I have learned over the years as a traditional illustrator. Working with this program involves not only computer knowledge, but the ability to draw , paint , and sculpt. During my undergraduate studies I was lucky enough to do quite a bit of clay sculpture with a great teacher, and friend Peter Bonadies. It is fascinating to me to see how this has carried over to Z Brush. Although you are sculpting on a computer screen it is the closest thing to the real thing, but does not require the space, and time you would need to produce actual clay sculptures. Plus it is all highly editable with a click of a button.As you can see the model is sculpted out according to my drawings in a rough clay like texture, and then later textured and painted.

As a 2 D artist this also opens a lot of doors. These clay models can be posed in any position and used as reference for paintings. This particular model is gong to be used in a short animation I am working on. This hi resolution sculpt will be transferred as a low resolution model into Maya , rigged and animated..

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