Thursday, August 13, 2009

Coming to an art director near you

Mini tapestries
(one included in each box , along with a print sample)

The Full Pkge.

The boxes in which contain the tapestries and print samples

Recently as a part of my MFA studies at the Hartford Art School I was able to partake in a great promotional class with Professor Daniel Pelavin, and Professor Chris Spollen. Together Danny and Chris took a topic that I have avoided like Sunday mass and turned it into something completely exciting and fresh. For me their class(with out deploying smoke and mirror tactics) solved the mysteries, and debunked the myths surrounding promotion. During the week of classes we came up with some fun ideas and I think I ended up with a pretty decent promotional package that I hope can lead to some work in the future. Big thanks to Danny and Chris for teaching one of the best classes I have had throughout my educational experience. Included in this post are some shots of the package we created, as well as a quick rambling on what I learned from a great week in Hartford.

As Illustrators the creation of pictures is something that we all have in common . Luckily there does not happen to be one way of creating an image and the variations in which we all do so are limitless. Whether it be commercial or personal, our motivations for creating pictures differ much like the techniques we use. One big aspect of the business of Illustration that is often overlooked, or that remains a mystery to many(certainly myself included), is how to handle promoting illustration in a personal and effective way. Promotion I believe should not be handled any differently than the way in which we create Illustration. Techniques should be different from person to person. Promoting illustration should become a unique process in which we find a way to showcase our work in a way that says something about who we are and what we do as illustrators. As creative people we must find a way that goes beyond the typical postcard or email.

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