Tuesday, August 11, 2009

WMCC Poster

The Western Mass. Climbers Coalition president and long time friend Jeff Squire recently asked me to put together a quick poster design for an upcoming event/fundraiser . Being pressed for time while I am working on a big illustration promotional package I needed the poster to be completed fairly quickly. I figured I would experiment with photoshop and try to create an illustration that would serve as a throwback to the early comic strips created by Winsor McCay. Heavily inspired by the work of Winsor McCay I tried to keep the color palette fairly limited, the rendering quite flat, with prominent areas of a faux halftone pattern . This style is reminiscent of what we see in many of McCay's comic strips such as Little Nemo, or Little Sammy Sneezy that were being produced back in 1905.
The text was later added by Jeff Squire, which made for a fun collaboration of efforts. It has been the enormous efforts put forth by Jeff and the WMCC that have made possible the preservation of some of the best climbing areas in the North East.

If you are interested in finding out more about the event or finding out more about the Western Mass. Climbers Coalition and their efforts to promote access to climbing areas in New England check out the WMCC web site:

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