Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Finished poster art

Here is the finished art work for the poster I designed for Prime Climb's Power Struggle 4 bouldering competition. I wanted to keep it pretty flat and as graphic as possible , which is tough for me to do, as I love to over work things. I created the color palette for this from an old Winsor Mc Cay comic strip. If you are interested in seeing the image with text included or to find out about the bouldering competition, visit Prime Climb on Facebook.Look for the event titled Power Struggle 4.

Power Struggle 4 Poster Design
Inspired by the Greek Myth of Sisyphus
11"x17" , Digital

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Thomas Gronbukt said...

Very cool piece Daniel. Good to hear yu are doing well. Climbing trip to warmer part of the planet sounds perfect right now. Take some photos (or do some on location paintings)
I have some stuff on my blog as well at