Monday, January 4, 2010


We are putting on another bouldering competition this winter at Prime Climb. It will be the fourth bouldering comp we have hosted , and is something we plan to make an annual event.
As in the past this comp will be known as the Power Struggle. So I am working on making a little poster to promote the event. I decided to use the Greek Myth of Sisyphus as the base idea for the story behind the design, for various reasons. For one obviously Sisyphus was faced with a very difficult power struggle. For two, I often feel that bouldering , even though I love it is a sisyphean( both extremely effortful and futile) activity. Especially when climbing is not going so well.

Of course I made some changes to the myth in my illustration, because why not, thats what I do and I wanted to make the picture tell a bit more of a story. From my understanding Sisyphus was not a very cool guy, he started a lot of trouble with Zuess, and violated laws of hospitality by killing guests and travelers. So I didn't feel that his punishment was enough, and in my version he is constantly harassed by two monkeys. One uses the rolling rock as a tread mill, and the other taunts Sisyphus with a large stick that he could potentially use to prop up the rock and escape. Tough time for Sisyphus. Below is my initial thumbnail.

Power Struggle Comp Poster Design
1.5"x 3"

Below is my rough drawing that I will use to create the final. Most likely some more things will change in the next day or so if time permits. I plan to work on the monkeys a bit and a few other things.

Power Struggle Poster Design

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