Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bkk thesis painting

Bkk street vendor 

Bangkok, also known as Krung Thep Maha Nakhon or "the city of angels" is Thailands largest urban area and primary city. Bangkok was founded by King Rama 1 , in 1782 and was originally a small trading post nestled along side the Chao Phraya  River. Over the course of the last 200 or so years Bangkok has grown to become political, social, and economic , center for not only Thailand but for Indochina and South East Asia. Due to Krung Theps influence in art, polotics, fashion, education, entertainment, and business Bangkok has transformed into a metropolitan melting pot of global status and proportions. 

Bangkok's population  is comprised of a mixture of people from around the world , and it is said that estimated population reaches close to 15 million while only 8,160,522, are actually registered residents(July 2007). With influences from around the world Bangkok in current times has become a rather interesting place , offering a unique mixture of the cultures of the world all intermingled with the Thai tradition. 

In my thesis project I am looking to explore the differences in the world , how different cultures influence one another in both positive and negative ways, and what the collision of the old world and the new world has brought upon us. I love how in places such as South East Asia there are old temples and ruins nestled within the big city. You may see an old temple growing right out of the side of a new sky scraper, or an old style bicycle taxi along side of that of a brand new sports car. In a place like Bangkok it is common to see someone wearing traditional clothing along side of that of someone wearing a modern suit or outfit. A great example of all of this would be to compare shopping experiences in this city, in the same day you could buy something at an ancient floating market, or at a super sized  space aged shopping mall like the MBK. 

  It has all become rather fascinating to me that in places like Bangkok some people continue to hold on to the ways of old while others have gone on at warp speed assimilating with the most modern technology, fashions,fads, and ideas. The ways in which old world traditions have become swallowed up by new world developments has largely become a theme in my work. 

Tuk Tuk Ride
Acrylic on panel

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