Thursday, May 14, 2009

Norton B. Nice

As it seems the children's book market is a rather tough industry to break into. At the moment it seems like large publishing houses are reluctant to take on new talent. The smaller ones are faced with numerous complications just trying to keep their doors open  during the worlds current volatile economic  climate.  So where does someone get a start, is it best to find an agent? Is it best to continue to send you project around in hopes of it being place with someone? At the moment I am pretty unsure.

Recently I had a contract with Red Cygnet Press for a 32 page children's book titled Norotn B. Nice. Pouring countless hours of work into the project I was able to complete the project on time within my deadline. Unfortunately  after 18 months of the work sitting on Red Cygnets desk the book never went to press. I didn't find this out until I called the company to find out what was up as it had been quite a while since I had heard anything from them. To my dismay the owner of the company told me that due to tough economical times the book would be placed on indefinite hold and that if I wanted he would give me the option to place it elsewhere.

After putting so much into this book I felt like I certainly could not just let it go to waste. I didn't want to send it to any other publishers, or agents, as I feel they are as fickle as the weather during the spring in New England.  So in the end I decided to go ahead and self publish the book.  I used and the overall experience of dealing with them was not so bad. The print quality is decent and the prices are really fair.
The book is titled Norton B. Nice and is a story about a bully who learns an important lesson about how to be nice.
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