Saturday, February 6, 2010

Climbing at the Daeng

The climbing in Vang Vieng ranges from total choss to really good. I have seen some really strange things such as door handles being used for anchors on routes, bolts in seeping dingy caves that are not even suitable for toilets, and boulders that are not much taller than 4 meters with numerous bolts on them. Despite all of that there is also some really good climbing to be had at a zone known as Na Pha Daeng, which we have been referring to as the Daeng. At the Daeng there are a bunch of really good routes ranging from very easy up to 8a plus, and there is certainly a lot of potential for new routes as well. At any rate I wanted to show some photos taken on a few of the routes at the Daeng, as well as a few of the beautiful scenery that is taken in along the 22 kilometer motor bike ride from town to the Daeng.

Nam Song River

Marcelo Diaz Redpointing
A Million Elephants and a White Parasol 5.12b
(photo:Alvaro Diaz)

The next two photos are of the route Dream Catcher 5.12d, and in my opinion the best route in Vang Vieng. This route is rather special because it climbs a line of natural pockets on an otherwise blank wall for 20 meters or so. There is also an extension to the route known as Sweet Dreams 5.13a, which makes the route a lot pumpier and difficult. The crux involves a stab to a small pocket at the very top of the route. A good route for sure!!

Dream Catcher 5.12d
(photo: Melissa Collings)

Alvaro Diaz sending
Dream Catcher 5.12d

The Daeng from the distance

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