Sunday, February 7, 2010

Luang Prabang Night Bazaar

Arrived in Luang Prabang the other day which was a nice change from Vang Vieng. Although I really liked Vang Vieng there were also a lot of things I did not like about the place. Vang Vieng is sort of a conflicted place in many ways. What I mean by that is that I couldn't stand a lot of the foreigners that flocked there for the tubing on the river and for buckets of cheap booze.There is sort of  frat. party spring break mentality among most of them, and that got old pretty fast. On the other hand I met some of my favorite people I have  ever met in my travels, and in this case the good certainly outweighed the bad. I hope this does not come across as if I am a saint and do not enjoy getting a bit tipsy every now and again, because I certainly do. But I get a bit frustrated by the people that come to Vang Vieng for nothing more than to get wasted.

At any rate Luang Prabang has a different vibe to it all together with a bit chiller crowd. The French Colonial architecture is really great, as well as the food, and the views along the mekong are quite beautiful. Last night I went out and checked out the night Bazaar that takes place every night in the center of town. Its pretty awesome to see that a lot of the local economy is based upon selling hand made goods made here in Laos. Most of the stuff you can get here is of good quality and rather unique, unlike some other Bazaars I have been to in South East Asia.
So here are a few shots I snapped the other night:

Night Bazaar Luang Prabang

Child at the Bazaar

Night Bazaar 2

Food Cart

My guest house

Tomorrow afternoon I am off to Thailand. Hopefully before I go I will post a few more pics of Luang Prabang, if the internet connection is cooperating.

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