Sunday, February 28, 2010

S .E Asia 2010 Slide/Video Show

Back in the USA. It's been tough being back home and back to reality. The carefree sunny days of zipping around on motorbike, climbing limestone, swimming in the sea, and eating great food are long gone. My trip didn't exactly go as planned either, as I never made it to Bali. Five weeks was barley enough to see what I saw, money ran out quickly, and flight prices tripled from the time I left to the time I was ready to try and fly from BKK to Bali. Regardless I had an amazing time and so I slapped together a short slideshow/video show of the some of the fun times that I had during my five weeks in South East Asia this year.

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Carolyn Taylor said...

awesome, looks like a great trip!! Can't wait to see your new work inspired by this latest journey.