Saturday, February 20, 2010

DPM Interview

Planes, trains, motorcycle's , buses, and boats, are what I have been up to. That is of course because I needed all of these to travel from Laos to Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand, and then down to the island Koh Samet, located further south. During this time I managed to do a lot of things including a visit to the Chiang Mai Zoo, climbing at Crazy Horse, racing around on a motor bike, seeing old friends, and sitting on the beach . I will plan to get some of the photo's up when I arrive back in the States.

In the meantime I wanted to make a quick post about a recent interview/feature that I have in the recent issue of Deadpoint Magazine. Deadpoint is primarily a climbing publication and the founder Matt Stark has some great ideas on how to expand his publication  and  how to appeal to a larger audience with a wider range of interests. Or that at least how I see it, and D.P.M has been including illustration, and  Art features in the magazine. This I think is pretty awesome, as I of course, as stated in the interview think there is a lot more room for this sort of thing in the climbing  industry. 

At any rate  I am really proud to be a part of Deadpoint Magazine and they put together an 8 or so page interview with me about my art, and my climbing. I was allowed to ramble on about all sorts of things, and I think they did a great over all job with it. Psyched!!! Thanks guys!!!!

 I have included some of the pages here on my blog but urge you to check out the actual online edition, as it includes a lot of great photos and other fun material pertaining to climbing and the like. So here is the link: